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I had an accident with a foreign vehicle, who do I contact?

Do not worry, in Ofesauto we will guide you in the next steps

Do you need roadside assistance?

OFESAUTO does not provide road assistance services but we can help you locate the contact information of your insurance company

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I will travel abroad with my vehicle do I need the ||Green Card||?

The “Green Card” is not necessary to prove the compulsory insurance coverage in the countries that make up the European Economic Area, but it is necessary for other countries, such as Morocco.

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Can the nationality of a foreign vehicle be known by its plate number?

In OFESAUTO we have developed a tool that helps to locate the possible nationality of a foreign vehicle through its registration.

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Motor Insurers Bureau of Spain (OFESAUTO), which acts as the Green Card National Bureau.

Green Card

What is the Green Card?

The so-called “Green Card” system is designed to help international vehicle transit and to guarantee that victims of car accidents where vehicles of different countries take part, are covered. The Green Card system is designed to fulfill two main goals:

  • To ease the vehicle’s transit through international borders by using an internationally accepted document which is proof of an insurance cover.
  • To guarantee that victims in an accident caused by a foreign vehicle are covered.


New compensation for personal injuries

New framework for personal injury compensation for road traffic accidents in Spain
Read about the Law 35/2015

Have you had an accident?

Still do not know what to do?

At Ofesauto we help you with the necessary steps to manage your claim. Just select where your accident happened and access the information to know what to do.

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Accidents in Spain

Read what to do if you have had an accident with a foreign vehicle in Spain

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Accidents Abroad

Read what to do if you have had an accident with a foreign vehicle abroad

Procedures that  OFESAUTO can do for you


Accident caused by a vehicle insured with a Border Insurance policy

Know the nationality of a vehicle through its plate number


Declare an Accident


Competent body search engine

Road Assistance phone numbers

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As from next year, 2021, in Spain the “Green Card” will no longer be printed on green paper

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OFESAUTO abierto pese al COVID-19


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Know the Spanish Direct Compensation Agreement (CIDE), to determine which vehicle is the responsible.

Agreements between spanish insurance companies to determine responsibility in accidents between spanish vehicles (material damages). Currently there are more than 30 million...


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