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I have had an accident with a foreign vehicle, who do I contact?

Don’t worry, at OFESAUTO we will guide you in the steps to follow

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When traveling abroad with my car, do I need the previously called "Green Card", now IMIC?

The International Certificate Motor Carde (IMIC), formerly the “Green Card”, is not necessary to prove compulsory insurance coverage in the countries that make up the European Economic Area. Yes it is necessary for other countries, such as Morocco.

Do you need roadside assistance?

OFESAUTO does not provide roadside assistance services but we can help you locate the contact details of your insurance company

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Is it possible to know the nationality of a foreign vehicle by its license plate?

At OFESAUTO we have developed a tool that allows us to help locate the possible nationality of a foreign vehicle through its license plate.

Are you coming to Spain with a vehicle without a valid Green Card (IMIC)?

You need a Border Insurance to be able to circulate in Spain. Now you can get it instantly and online.

International Motor Insurance Card (IMIC)


What is the IMIC?

It is what we called colloquially, “Green Card”

The International Motor Insurance System is designed to help international vehicle traffic and to guarantee care for victims of traffic accidents between vehicles of different nationalities. Its functions:

  • Facilitate the movement of vehicles across international borders with the use of an internationally accepted document that proves the existence of insurance.
  • Ensure that victims of accidents caused by foreign vehicles are protected.


Should my insurer provide me with the International Motor Insurance Card?

Insurance entities are not required to issue the IMIC, even if requested.


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Spanish Office of Automobile Insurers (OFESAUTO), is the Spanish National Office of the International Certificate of Insurance, formerly colloquially “Green Card”.

Have you had an accident with a foreign vehicle?

Select where your accident took place and access the information to know what to do.

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Accident in Spain

Check what to do if you have had an accident with a foreign vehicle in Spain

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Accident Abroad

Find out what to do if you have had an accident with a foreign vehicle abroad

Procedures that OFESAUTO can carry out


Accident caused by a vehicle insured with a Border Insurance policy

Know the nationality of a vehicle by its license plate


Declare an accident


Finder competent body to process my claim

Roadside Assistance phone numbers

OFESAUTO blog: latest news

The “Council of Bureaux” renews its brand identity with a new logo and new brand name: COB

On 2nd June 2022, the 56th General Assembly of COB adopted a new brand name and a new logo for the organisation. The Council of Bureaux will from now on simply be known as ‘COB’....

Why there are no vowels in the Spanish number plates?

The Spanish number plate system dates to 1900, although the concept and layout has undergone several transformations since then. The latest format started September 2020. 1900 –...

Spain: three insurance groups exceed 1 billion € in motor insurance premium.

MAPFRE leads the ranking of motor insurance premiums at the end of 2021. It is the only company that exceeds the barrier of 2 billion € income in the branch. Last year's podium...

Spain: FIVA detecs slight increase of the MTPL insured vehicle fleet

The number of insured vehicles in Spain stood at 32,597,487 units at the end of the fourth quarter of 2021. This data corresponds to the average of the months of October,...

E-scooters in Spain: legal framework and accident liability (January 2022)

OFESAUTO’s contributing lawyer María Remedios (Maren) García-Valle Pérez from the firm GARCIA-VALLE ABOGADOS SLP analyses the legal framework applicable to electric scooters and...


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Por la proximidad geográfica de España con países extracomunitarios, el papel del Seguro de Frontera español es imprescindible:
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@Inese_seguros: 🖊️Tribuna de Jesús del Río (@OFESAUTO) sobre lo que ha supuesto para el sector la entrada en funcionamiento de la nueva plataforma de gestión centralizada de certificados internacionales de seguro (RECIS)
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