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About Ofesauto

OFESAUTO is the Spanish Motor Insurance Bureau, including all motor insurance companies acting in Spain

What is Ofesauto?

OFESAUTO is the Spanish Motor Insurers Bureau.

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It consists of an Organisation participated in by all the insurance companies authorized to operate in Spain offering Car Insurance, plus the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros (the Spanish Compensation Body)

OFESAUTO is a non-profit organisation. It was established under the Organisations Law on May the 7th, 1953. It received authorization by the Government to be a part of the Council of National Bureaux on January the 28th, 1966.

Its operational rules were set out for the first time by means of Tax Office Orders of May the 13th and 26th, 1965. Later, once Spain entered (joined) the Common Market in 1987, its roles were set out by the Order of September the 25th, and which were incorporated in the Compulsory Motor Vehicles Third Party Liability Regulations (Art.21) RD 1507/2008 (BOE 13-09-2008).

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