Ofesauto´s Team

Our team is composed of qualified claims handlers specialized in the handling of accidents involving foreign vehicles

Specialized professionals

OFESAUTO is made up of claims handlers, specialists in car claims in which a foreign element exists, who have great problem solving skills and mastery of both foreign language and foreign law applicable in car accidents which happen out of Spain.

Whether you have had an accident or not, any doubts you may have regarding how your insurance cover works abroad, or what to do if you have an accident in Spain with a foreign vehicle, do not hesitate to contact us.

OFESAUTO’s training for Insurance companies and entities

Offering support and service to the Spanish insurance sector, OFESAUTO has a permanent training group, in charge of teaching custom-made courses, and solving any question regarding international vehicle insurance for any Spanish insurer who so demand it. Any inquiry you may have regarding our courses, please contact OFESAUTO

Latest News

papel impresion blanco

As from next year, 2021, in Spain the “Green Card” will no longer be printed on green paper

After many years of work in which OFESAUTO has been actively involved, the Council of Bureaux - the international body which manages the format and structure...
OFESAUTO abierto pese al COVID-19


Despite the current situation created by the COVID-19 virus in Spain and more specifically in Madrid, we would like to confirm that all the activities of...

Know the Spanish Direct Compensation Agreement (CIDE), to determine which vehicle is the responsible.

Agreements between spanish insurance companies to determine responsibility in accidents between spanish vehicles (material damages). Currently there are more...

First annual International Motor Insurance Convention

Madrid will host the next annual International Motor Insurance Convention (IMIC 2018). OFESAUTO jointly with CCS are already working in the organization of...