On February 6th, 2013 OFESAUTO attended the first 2013 meeting of the Specific Rules Committee in the headquarters of the Council of Bureaux in Brussels. This Committee is in charge of studying the issues/differences that come up in the Green Card System in connection with Section III of the Internal Regulations rules.

In that meeting, besides the rest of the agenda items, OFESAUTO has submitted to the Committee a point related to the decision about the normally based of vehicles which bear an expired registration plate due to changing it for a new one issued in the same country, in connection with the article 110.2 of the Internal Regulations. Following a logical line of argument, from OFESAUTO we maintain that the change of a registration number to another issued by the same Country does not cancel the principle of normally based in the country of issue and so the article 11.2 would not be applied.