During the last meeting of the COB General Assembly (May 2013, Istanbul), certain articles of the “Internal Regulations” document were slightly modified.
Although the “Internal Regulations” is a technical document for using among Bureaux, there is a new modification we’d like to remark due to its interest: the time limit for the confirmation of the validity of a Green Card or for the confirmation of the “normally based” of a vehicles has been reduced from 3 months to 6 weeks (arts 8 and 13 of the IR).
In other words, the maximum delay for a Bureau to confirm if a vehicle or Green Card belongs to its country is now 6 weeks (except any cases, if some enquiries are done with the Traffic authorities the 6 weeks period could be wider in 2 more weeks).
Nevertheless in OFESAUTO we think that this new 6 weeks period stills a large period of time; but at least in fact this imply in practical an important step forward specially for certain countries.
All the modifications will entry in force next 1st January 2014 and you can find the complete document with the modifications highlighted in our website: