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Last 29th October OFESAUTO organized in its office a very interesting conference about the treatment of the personal injuries consequence of road traffic accidents in Morocco. The speaker of the conference was Mr Hassan Bencherif, the General Manager of the Moroccan National Bureau.

conferencia-marruecos-bencherif 2The conference was divided in two separate parts: firstly Mr. Bencherif explained in a very detailed way the historical legal evolution and the current legal framework in Morocco from a general perspective of the Third Party Liability and also from the specific point of view of the treatment of the personal injuries, beneficiaries, etc. Especially interesting was the part of his speech dedicated to the legal “prescription”, which has nothing to do with the prescription system we’ve in Spain in terms of deadlines, determination of the starting date – dies a quo – , etc.

 conferencia-marruecos-bencherif 3The second part of the conference was a round table where all the participants had time to ask really interesting questions about the practical day-by-day problems in the claims handling for accidents caused in Morocco. During that part of the conference the level of participation was very high and all the audience had time to raise all connected matters they wanted.

We’d like to thanks to Mr. Bencherif his presence as speaker. He explained in a very detailed and clear way all the legal/jurisprudential aspects and connected questions – even taking in account their own technical complications. His more than 30 years’ experience dealing with motor accident’ files is an absolutely guarantee of succeed.

conferencia-marruecos-bencherif 4Lastly we’d like to thanks also to the participants for their very active cooperation and interest on the matters dealt. More than 60 people not only from different insurance companies and official institutions of Spain but also people from foreign countries who showed a real interest in that conference.

We’re starting to work in the organization of future similar conferences about legal aspects and practices in the motor third party liability in foreign countries, especially those where the frequency of accidents caused by Spanish vehicles is important.

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