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I had an accident with a foreign vehicle in Spain and now, what do I do?

The first thing you have to do is to write to the legal representative in Spain.

Please use our page: to find out who is the legal representative for the foreign vehicle.

Have you been in an accident caused by a vehicle with Border Insurance Issued in Spain (E4000)?

We can help, you need to declare your accident to us. Please use the online form: Declare an accident.

Do I need the Green Card in Spain?

If the plate number of your vehicle is from a country in the EEA, no, there is no need.

If your plate is from outside the EEA, then yes, you need a Green Card. If you don’t have it, you may buy a Border Insurance online and get it right away in your mail.

OFESAUTO Social Commitment, isOFESAUTO

If you have questions regarding OFESAUTO’s Social Initiatives, on this page you will find everything related to our social commitment (aligned with our mission), projects already financed and how to get your financing (only in spanish!).

We’re sorry, but social initiative projects must be submitted by companies registered in Spanish territory, although their scope may be international.

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