What’s the Green Card document?

The Green Card is the international standard document accepted in some countries to prove the valid existence of a MTPL cover.

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Since World War II, the increase in traffic made a system that could manage and accelerate the movement of vehicles across international borders necessary. This issue was addressed by the United Nations, which decided to recommend a solution based on a system originally implemented in the Scandinavia in the thirties.

That recommendation was set out in the so-called “Geneva Recommendations” which we now called the “Green Card System”.

What are the objectives of the Green Card?

The Green Card system is designed to meet two main objectives:

Facilitate the movement of vehicles across international borders with the use of an internationally accepted document that proves that the bearer has insurance.

Ensure that victims of accidents caused by foreign vehicles are not at a disadvantage.


This system became operational in 1952. Today there are over 40 countries in the system, including all the European countries.

The Green Card, if valid at the time of the accident, guarantees at least the minimum third party cover in the country of occurrence.

A Green Card has to be issued by any of the countries forming part of the System, keeping in mind that the vehicle can only be insured in its country of registration.

In short, what is the Green Card?

Internationally accepted document proving the existence of insurance and assuring the victims of accidents caused by foreign vehicles.