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The EU Motor Insurance Directives system

There are several differences for the handling of some accidents involving an EEA vehicle

What are Community Directives?

The European Parliament through the Directive 2000/26/CE (known as the 4th Directive) aims to give European victims the option of claiming and handling accidents in their own country of residence and in their own language, even though the accident took place in another country and under the applicable law of the country in which the accident occurred.

MOTOR INSURANCE DIRECTIVES: Accidents which occur in Spain

European victims (Non-Spanish) who have suffered an accident in Spain (as long as the liable vehicle is from another country other than that of residence of the injured party) must claim through the Compensation Body of their country of residence.

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MOTOR INSURANCE DIRECTIVES: Accidents which occur outside of Spain

The victim with Spanish residence who has suffered an accident in another country (if the liable vehicle comes from a EEA country other than Spain) must locate the foreign insurer and/or its representative through the Spanish Information Centre (CCS).

Then you can send your claim to OFESAUTO as your Compensation Body (that of your country of residence in the event that your claim has not been handled by the representative/insurer, or the Information Centre certifies that the liable Insurer has not appointed a representative in Spain, or the liable vehicle is unknown or that it is a vehicle without Insurance cover).

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