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24 Apr 2023 | Corporate

Change is inevitable, and in a world in constant technological evolution, it is crucial to keep always updated to remain visible. Today, we are pleased to share with you another step of OFESAUTO, a change that represents our commitment to be adapted to the digital age. This is especially relevant for OFESAUTO, always at the top level of the digitalization of processes and also in the social media. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the rebranding of OFESAUTO and what it means to us.

You can already see our new image printed on the Spanish IMICs as well as on the Spanish Frontier Insurance policies.

The change of image affects all areas, so that both the new International Motor Insurance Certificates (IMIC, formerly Green Card) and the Border Insurance issued from April 17 will show at the top the new image of OFESAUTO.

IMIC, an example with OFESAUTO´s rebranding
Border line, an example with OFESAUTO´s rebranding
Border Insurance, an example with OFESAUTO´s rebranding

OFESAUTO in constant evolution since 1953

Founded in 1953, OFESAUTO is the Spanish Motor Insurance Bureau, a non-profit organization composed of all motor insurance companies operating in Spain. Since then, the functions and procedures we carry out have evolved until today, having an essential role in the automobile insurance sector.


In an increasingly competitive environment, OFESAUTO realized that it needed a renewal in its external communication to remain relevant and make its functions known to our entire society. We had to move using a closer, clearer language with the intention to put ourselves as a reference on issues such as the Green Card, accidents with foreign vehicles, etc.

Therefore, our website began to evolve already in 2017, created a small news blog and the first restructuring of content. It was not a rebranding but a purpose towards the modernization of OFESAUTO.

In 2021, OFESAUTO decided to undergo a content restructuring process at a key point for it: the International Motor Insurance Certificates (IMIC, formerly known as the Green Card).

Since then, the blog increased its informative work on corporate, legal, training, etc. and we started with our newsletter (only in spanish).

At the same time, in 2020 we launched our social commitment with the Aid to Social Initiatives of OFESAUTO, approaching the social media to reach all those who could benefit from our aid and publicize our functions. This has been key in the new rebranding of OFESAUTO.

A step towards the modernization of the image, the rebranding of OFESAUTO

With the entry into social networks, we realized that the image of OFESAUTO had to adapt to the new times and renew its vision, so rebranding was a necessity.

The first measure taken by OFESAUTO was the update of its logo, which now presents a more modern, digital and legible typography, as well as a more minimalist and clean design. The new logo makes a nod with which it evokes winding roads on which we drive when we get lost in foreign countries.

This isolated image will be a symbol associated with OFESAUTO that you will be able to see on Social Networks and other communication elements.

Another aspect on which the rebranding process of OFESAUTO has focused has been the integral renovation of its website. The new design of the site is more visual and user-friendly, with more intuitive navigation and a clearer presentation of the services offered by the entity.

In addition, in the last year, OFESAUTO has worked on improving its presence on social media and creating more attractive and relevant content for its audience. We have opted for a more aggressive digital marketing strategy, with the aim of increasing our visibility and making known how we can help you.

Finally, at OFESAUTO we have focused our rebranding on the dissemination of our vision and values. As a non-profit organization, we are committed to transparency, accessibility and agility in the resolution of claims.  We lead technological projects for this purpose and soon we will complete OFENET, a web platform through which all the procedures and communications related to any claim submitted to OFESAUTO can be carried out.  

isOFESAUTO , the new face of our social commitment

A key piece to carry out our rebranding and where every year we put more effort and enthusiasm is in our social commitment, the Social Initiatives of OFESAUTO, which we renew in image and name, now called isOFESAUTO.

On an annual basis we will continue to launch our calls for Aid to Social Initiatives, we now simplify in isOFESAUTO: financing. A more attractive name that better reflects the type of help we provide, and in case you do not know it yet.

We have already renewed the image of all our social commitment, and stay tuned because soon we will start with our promotion of the 2023 call.

In summary, the rebranding of OFESAUTO has been an integral process that has affected all aspects of the entity. The renewal of our image, website and digital marketing strategy, as well as the determination in our vision and values, have allowed OFESAUTO to adapt to the new times and remain competitive in an increasingly demanding environment.

In case you have not noticed, we have also opened our blog to comments, do you what to let us know your opinion about our new image?



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