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Are you planning to travel to Spain with your vehicle registered outside the EEA? Do you know that it is mandatory to circulate with a motor civil liability insurance on our borders and within the EEA? Lucky you! from now on you can take out your Border Insurance online to entry in Spain.

The only way in the past to be able to circulate with your foreign vehicle (not registered in the EEA) in Spain or another EEA country, was to take out your Border Insurance using a Border Insurance Broker. This procedure is still in effect but, will you agree with me that is it easier if you can do it yourself and online?

Thinking about this, OFESAUTO has created a system that already allows you to hire your Border Insurance online to enter through Spain. A simple process that will not take you more than 5 minutes and in which you will only need the data of the driver and the vehicle to be insured.

How to take out your Border Insurance online to enter Spain

Before hiring it, look for the driver’s data, the vehicle´s data to be insured (you can find all the information we require in your current insurance papers) and think for how long you will need it.

Facilities for taking it out online

  • The website for taking out is and it belongs to OFESAUTO, the National Motor Insurance Bureau in Spain, so you can trust it.
  • We have prepared a website in 3 languages: French, Spanish and English. French being the direct link language.
  • You get your Border Insurance right away after contracting; as a PDF on your screen and online.
  • We mail you a locator, as in plane tickets, so you can access your Border Insurance for Spain whenever you need it, always online.
  • You can make your payments online with a bank card safely.

Important: You will need to have an internet connection to be able to take it out and consult your Border Insurance. However, once contracted, you can save the PDF of your Border Insurance on your mobile, computer or (the most recommended option still) print it.

Why do I need Border Insurance?

As long as your vehicle is registered outside the EEA, this would be the same as asking, why do I need liability insurance?

Simple, first because it is mandatory according to traffic regulations to drive a properly insured vehicle. Second, because when you have an accident you must cover the damages caused by an accident (victims, vehicles, etc.), and this is done by your insurance.

It is important to note that it does not cover roadside assistance damage to your vehicle, defense costs, etc. It is a temporary insurance “to third parties” to circulate insured by the country where it is issued. In the case that concerns us, Spain.

In summary, Border Insurance is like the IMIC (International Motor Insurance Certificate, formerly called “Green Card“) but temporary. You must contract it before entering Spain with your vehicle registered in a country outside the EEA.