Spanish Motor Insurers Bureau


The political developments that have taken place in Crimea in 2014 have given rise to a number of questions regarding the application of the Green Card System to the territory of Crimea, both in terms of incoming traffic on the territory of Crimea as outgoing traffic, leaving the territory of Crimea.

These questions have been discussed within the Council of Bureaux (CoB), the international organization coordinating the daily application of the Green Card System.

The CoB does not participate in the political discussion and maintains a standpoint of complete neutrality in this regard. Nevertheless, the CoB needs to guarantee the continuity of the Green Card System and has therefore worked on a practical interim solution in order to safeguard the application of the Green Card System to the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Crimea.

For these reasons, both the CoB and our Bureau call upon you to observe the following decisions that have been taken by the CoB and that constitute a practical interim solution as long as there is no international consensus regarding the status of the territory of Crimea.

  1. International road traffic towards Crimea
  1. Access to the territory of Crimea: For all vehicles not registered in Ukraine or Russia, entry to the territory of Crimea is conditional upon the presence of a Green Card, valid for the territory of both Russia and Ukraine.  No Green Card is necessary for vehicles registered in Ukraine or Russia in order to enter the territory of Crimea.
  2. Claims handling resulting from accidents occurred on the territory of Crimea: The Russian Bureau operates as a temporary claims handler for the territory of Crimea. This does not entail any recognition of Crimea being considered as Russian territory.

2. International road traffic leaving Crimea

In case of accidents outside Russia and outside Ukraine, caused by vehicles originating from Crimea, the normal claims handling process can be followed as for any Green Card case: the victim of a road traffic accident caused by a vehicle originating from Crimea can address a claim to either the insurer, the correspondent of the foreign insurer, or the Green Card Bureau of the country of accident.