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As established under article 9 of the Ministerial Order EIC/764/2017 (26th July) which lays out the rules relating to the operation of the Spanish Motor Insurers’ Bureau (also known as OFESAUTO): The administrator of the so-called “Frontier Insurance” in Spain (also known as SEFRON, as per its abbreviation in Spanish) is legally OFESAUTO.

Spanish “Frontier Insurance” is a temporary mandatory civil liability insurance (covering “third party damage”) which must be taken out for vehicles entering Spain from countries not belonging to the European Economic Area as soon as they enter Spanish territory without a valid International Motor Insurance Certificate (“Green Card”).

As of June 2021, the mode of issuance and format of all Spanish Frontier Insurance issued by OFESAUTO has changed. Since then all frontier insurance has and shall be issued online, either through the physical points of sale that OFESAUTO has at the main ports of entry for non-EU vehicles to Spain, or by direct purchase on the part of the end customer through OFESAUTO’s official website for the sale of Frontier Insurance:

This new model of Spanish Frontier Insurance is generated as a PDF document that can be printed and/or transported on a mobile device and which has a QR code incorporated which can be used to verify its validity.

This new Spanish Frontier Insurance sales system allows for the verification of whether a given non-EU vehicle has valid coverage or not in real time from the moment of sale, which means that if any Spanish and/or foreign security authority requires so, OFESAUTO may verify appropriate insurance at the Spanish border.

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Nuevo formato Seguro Frontera 2021

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