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As it was announced during the last Annual General Assembly of the COB, Israel will no longer participate in the Green Card system as of 1st January 2022. At that date, the Israeli Bureau will no longer be a member of the Council of Bureaux.

Israel’s departure from the Green Card system will result in the IMIC model to be changed. The country code ‘IL’ in box 8 of the Green Card will disappear.

What do I need to circulate in Israel with a Spanish vehicle or in Spain with an Israeli vehicle?

As of 1st January 2022, IMICs issued under the authority of the Israeli Bureau may no longer be accepted. You will need a Border Insurance

Driving in Spain with an Israeli vehicle (*)

When an Israeli vehicle decides to enter Spain, the CIS or Green Card will not be valid, it must be provided with a Spanish Border Insurance.

(*) From the 1st January 2022

For any additional information, please contact OFESAUTO.